Rutter Auto Service Inc. has the best Auto Repair Services NEPA has to offer, an Auto Repair facility that has been in business over 25 years. Below is a list of the services, you can contact us today @ 570-735-5577 or fill out one of our easy auto repair quote or contact forms. Some of our auto repair services include: Alignment, Oil Changes, Diagnostics, Tires, Brakes, PA State Inspections / Emission and more! You can read more about these services in detail below or in our pricing table.

  1. Wheel Alignment: is part of standard auto maintenance, adjusting the angles of the wheels so they are set to the car maker’s specification. The purpose of alignment is to ensure the vehicle is traveling straight and not “pulling” to one side.
  2. Oil ChangesYour engine puts up with a lot, it can get extremely hot overtime – changing your oil cools down your engine and keeps the heat away from the combustion chamber – preventing explosions. Overtime, your oil becomes less liquid and begins to degrade into sludge. Too keep your engine running smoothly you will need to change your oil regularly.
  3. Diagnostic ServicesIf your check engine light is on or even flashing, it’s time to contact Rutter Auto –  state of the art equipment to diagnose the most difficult problems. The most powerful diagnostic & information system.

Car Repair Services

For Car

Oil Change and Filter $32.99
Air Conditioning Recharge w/ Diagnostic $109.99
Complete Wheel Alignment $69.99
PA State Inspection $25.99
PA State Emissions Inspection $31.46
 Air Conditioning Recharge  $36.45
 Front Brake Package  $109.98
 Air Conditioning Recharge  $89.45
 Front Brakes / Rotor Package  $145.96
 PA State Emissions and State Inspection  $69.45
 Alignment and Complete Balance  $82.99

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